Four Seasons High Tea

Classic Afternoon Tea

Happily arriving at Four Seasons hotel Bangkok, I am eager to yet again enjoy their high tea, which is served daily in the huge airy lobby. Once seated, we ordered 2 sets of the Weekday Classic Afternoon Tea, which also includes 1 beverage.

From their interesting and varied list of teas, I opted for a pot of 4 Fruits Rouge. The aroma awakens me as it’s being poured into my cup. This fruity brew of unsmoked black tea with the essence of cherry, raspberry, red currant and strawberry, is truly refreshing and quickly snaps me out of my lazy afternoon state. We also tried one of their Custom made Ice Teas; a 5 Fruits special blend of unsmoked black teas from Ceylon and China flavoured with lychee, raspberry, strawberry, cherry and red currant. In the glass are two perfectly rounded ice globes with few lychees; a nice touch to a great tasting drink.

Lobby barHigh tea

I begin my journey of indulgence with the variety of sandwiches; Smoked salmon and cream cheese, Ham with mustard, Sliced cucumber with brie cheese, a Mini bun with diced chicken and carrots, an intriguing Salami and frittata combination and an egg salad croissant.


Next, I enjoy the plain and raisin scones, along with clotted cream and some delightful rhubarb and strawberry preserves. As I savor the warm scones, I can’t help but admire the beautiful and traditionally Thai painted silk panels on the ceiling. And then, I am caught by surprise as I hear a tiny voice in a French accent. The macaron was seeking some attention and I caved in. This absolutely delicious macaron had a zesty raspberry filling; a perfect balance of sweet and sour.. Ooh la la! The Strawberry and black currant panna cotta was also berry good indeed.

This whole experience got even better as the band; a trio of piano, cello and saxophone players, starts to play ‘Memory’ from the musical Cats. This tune instills such a surreal feeling of calm, I almost can ignore the sound of some woman yapping away on her phone.


On to the top plate; I taste a cute little profiterole, but just not overly cute to not get eaten. Then I have an intense stare down with the chocolate hazelnut pudding sitting comfortably on it’s chewy crusty throne. Once again I am hearing voices, “You are too full, you can’t do it” I gladly accept the challenge. Sorry my dear chocolate for your short life but you have spread lots of joy and made me a happy woman. I move on from my victory and try some Financier. Pretty stuffed at this point but I never desert my desserts so I dust myself off, literally, because of some restless crumbs that fell, and have a bite of the coconut tart that had a small mango scoop and an exotic looking purple chocolate truffle with coconut filling on it. Last, I try the Cherry Jelly with a soft cookie base. And I’m done (since everything is now over).

I see trees of green, red roses too.. The band somehow has impeccable timing, and I hum to the tune (softly, because I don’t want to disturb that very vocal woman on the phone) And I think to myself, what a wonderful world..

Lobby bar

Large traditional silk panel at the grand staircase in the lobby

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  1. This looks so tempting!! I’ve never done an afternoon tea anywhere except home (England) but I’d love to try one abroad with different flavours and concepts like the custom made ice teas!

    • Nita May 7 at 4:07 am Reply

      Gotta love a good afternoon tea session :) Yeah, you should try them abroad too. Many places in Thailand also offer a more local version of the high tea, with mini Thai snacks and desserts! Thanks for dropping by, Shikha :)

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