In the mood for love

You lookin' at me?

In the mood for love is a sushi bar and bistro in Sukhumvit soi 36 in Bangkok. The low lighting, cozy looking booths and beautiful chairs with floral prints exude a charming aura.

Cozy booths

Seated at one of the comfortable couches, our order of a Virgin Mojito and the Spicy Tuna Roll plus Hoegaarden combination set soon arrives.

Hoegaarden and Virgin MojitoSpicy Tuna Roll

After thoroughly enjoying the tangy and spicy tuna maki, I am more than ready to be guilty but happy with the next dish, Guilty but Happy – truly a highlight and one of the special rolls with prawns, cream cheese, mayo and shrimp tempura. Certainly happy, but it’s too good to taint with any guilt!

Guilty but happy

Taking in the dreamy ambiance and relishing every delicious bite is just blissful. Suddenly a caterpillar appears on the table with its gleaming orange eyes and I can’t wait to eat it. Yes, it’s an actual dish – I am not into eating insects (yet). The richly flavored Caterpillar was made with shrimp tempura, barbecued eel, prawns and topped with sliced avocados. Appreciated the play on words, as well as the taste of the next dish, Happy to-get-her from their special menu, which had marinated crab meat on top with fish roe and fresh scallop inside.

CaterpillarHappy to-get-her

Deciding to show some compassion to our poor overworked stomachs, we put a halt to this journey through fulfilling sushi heaven. Desserts will have to wait. Surprisingly, that actually happened!

Impressed as usual and definitely worth returning to, In the Mood for Love always leaves me in the mood for more.

Lit up bird cages hanging from the ceiling - all part of the ambiance!Painting on the wall - A Sakura tree

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