London’s Sights & Delights (Part 2)

The Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge

Since London’s sights and delights were too abundant to contain in just one post, here is the continuation from the first part. I hope you’ve worked up an appetite for more!

The Tower Bridge looks truly splendid as you approach it and walk across. Opened in 1894, the bridge spans 244 meters across River Thames and is a worthy icon of London.

Walking across the bridge

Positioned grandly on the bank of River Thames, this sight and its Gothic architecture barely need any introduction. Frequently featured on London postcards and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the Houses of Parliament.

Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster

Big Ben, the famous clock tower

Oh, that humble Ferris wheel on the South Bank? Yeah, that’s the eye-catching London Eye!

Eye-catching London Eye

Eye-catching London Eye

In the center of Trafalgar Square stands Nelson’s Column, with 4 lion sculptures at the base. The National Gallery is situated in this square as well, along with an interesting blue sculpture.

Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square Sculpture in Trafalgar Square

Piccadilly Circus is a busy and lively junction with lots of entertainment, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Well-known illuminated signs at Piccadilly Circus

Well-known illuminated signs at Piccadilly Circus

I think Regent Street is one of the prettiest streets in London. Buildings on both sides of the street curve in such a way that you get a brilliant view of the sky.

Regent Street's beautiful curve

Regent Street’s beautiful curve

Looking at pretty things makes me hungry. Okay, made up theory! Anyways, while we were in this area, we stopped by at Cicchetti, an Italian restaurant which embraces a Venetian custom of serving small portions to enjoy with wine, similar to tapas. Casual, classy and exciting (in true Italian fashion), Cicchetti delighted us with lovely wine and food – Fresh Tuna Tartare, Vitello Tonnato (thinly sliced veal in a creamy tuna and caper sauce) and Lobster pasta in tomato sauce.

Inside Cicchetti Lobster pasta in tomato sauce Sliced veal in tuna and caper sauce Tuna Tartare

Peruvian cuisine has been gaining popularity in London and we got in on the action at the cool and lively Coya. The Sea bass and Salmon Ceviche were to die for and the yellowtail, served raw (similar to sashimi) was utterly delicious.

Salmon and Sea bass Ceviche

Salmon and Sea bass Ceviche

Yellowtail Sweet corn ice-cream with caramel popcorn

In fact, every dish was full of flavor – spicy corn salad, crispy prawns, spicy beef fillet, Chilean Sea Bass with rice; even the broccoli was yum. And don’t get me started on the so-good-it-must-be-illegal popcorn sundae – sweet corn ice-cream and caramel popcorn.
A truly outstanding meal at Coya

A truly outstanding meal at Coya

Our meal here was outstanding, and just thinking about it makes me wish I was in London right now!

And it would be wrong, probably against the law to not indulge in the afternoon tea tradition while in London (permission granted to mock another one of my food-justification theories). We practiced this decadent tradition at the the outdoor terrace of the Four Seasons at Park Lane.

Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons London Trying to be English

Harrods in Knightsbridge is one of the world’s most well-known department stores. We also came across more stunning architecture in the form of an Apple store.

Harrods A hip Apple store

In Soho, we dined at a Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant, Yauatcha, which is famed for its dim sum. Steamed dumplings arrived at our table and disappeared quicker than we could say Yauatcha! Try it, it’s such a fun word to say.. Yauatcha!!

Steamed dumplings at Yauatcha

Steamed dumplings at Yauatcha

Jasmine tea smoked ribs Hakka - One of Yauatcha's singature cocktails

And when we were missing Thai food, we got a taste of home at Patara.

Pad Thai with Lobster at Patara Steamed fish in spicy lime sauce

Watching a football match live is a fantastic experience, and watching it in London at the Wembley stadium is especially electrifying. We caught the friendly game between England and Peru.

Wembley stadium Friendly football game - England vs Peru

London was extra special as I met some Twitter friends in real. Emily-Ann from The Grown Up Gap Year, Ayla from Mrs. Ayla’s Adventures, Kasha from Lines of Escapes and Emily from Innocent Nomad are great travel bloggers and wonderful people, with just the right touch of crazy! 😉

Emily-Ann, me, Ayla, Kasha and Emily

Parting shots.. I couldn’t decide which ones to leave out, so they’re here at our little party.

London Eye at night

London Eye at night

Tower Bridge and the Tower of London on the left

Tower Bridge and the Tower of London on the left

Tower of London

Tower of London

Leicester Square

Leicester Square

Inside Fortnum & Mason - extensive variety of teas, biscuits, jams and more

Inside Fortnum & Mason – extensive variety of teas, biscuits, jams and more

A cyclist at Piccadilly Circus

A cyclist at Piccadilly Circus

Gold Ferrari King's Cross station

Seen on the grounds in front of the National Gallery

Seen on the grounds in front of the National Gallery

I hope you have enjoyed these snippets of London. What do you think of this city, and what are your favorite spots, things to do and places to eat?

If you’re planning a trip to London, this sample itinerary might help:

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  1. Suzanne Jones Sep 26 at 6:18 am Reply

    I’ll never tire of London and always get a thrill when I head up on the train. You packed such a lot into your time there and I love your photos. So very London!

    • Nita Sep 27 at 12:57 am Reply

      Thanks, Suzanne! London is always exciting :) I was there for about 10 days this time so got to see, wander around and eat lots!

  2. Ayla Sep 26 at 8:07 pm Reply

    Love this Nita! Not only because I got to meet you but because you did so much while you were here! How on earth did you get time for all of this?! I think I might have to try some of those restaurants out – especially the Thai as I’ve become a bit addicted to Thai food recently.

    Fab pictures and when you’re next in London (soon please!) we can have lots more fun! :)

    • Nita Sep 27 at 1:06 am Reply

      Hi Ayla! Thanks :) I was also happy that I got to meet you lovely ladies. I couldn’t get enough of London so I extended my trip, remember? Haha.. I still feel like there’s so much to explore, especially food-wise 😉 We will definitely meet again whenever I am there next. And since you love Thai food, a trip here should be in the works for you my dear 😀

  3. Completely agree with Ayla, Nita – how on earth did you squeeze it all in – and I’ve not tried Cichetti – sounds delicious! I’ve tried a couple of the Peruvian places in London but not the one you’ve mentioned so I’ll add it to my list! Wish I could have joined the blogger party – maybe one day in the future :)

    • Nita Sep 27 at 3:10 pm Reply

      Haha! Special travel superpowers 😉 Yeah, you should check out Cicchetti – good food and a lively atmosphere. Coya is amazing; I’m sure you will enjoy it. Ah, wish I was there now!! And we will meet for certain next time. It will be an even more fab party 😀

  4. the paper boat sailor Oct 7 at 1:13 am Reply

    Great list! I was in London recently and saw all this and more. Still miss Portobello Road Market terribly–my favourite thing about London. Have you been there?

    • Nita Oct 7 at 4:30 am Reply

      Thank you! I haven’t been there but will certainly check it out the next time :) London has so much to offer, doesn’t it?

  5. Katie Featherstone Nov 4 at 1:08 am Reply

    Wow, I´m really loving seeing London through your eyes. I must say the blue cockerel makes a great addition!

    • Nita Nov 5 at 2:44 pm Reply

      Thank you, Katie! Yeah, that’s quite a sculpture 😉

  6. The Jetset Boyz Sep 9 at 11:20 pm Reply

    Living in London, not far from Tower of London, it’s always interesting to read what visitors think of the city and what’s on offer. Even better when you discover a new eatery thanks to to someone visiting London then writing about it on their blog.

    When it comes to Thai food Patara is amazing – they also have a resturant in Vienna.

    • Nita Sep 11 at 2:43 am Reply

      I can imagine! With such a big city like London, it must be nice to discover new spots. Even in Bangkok, it’s hard to keep track of all the hot restaurants worth trying; that’s where blogs/social media come to the rescue.
      Agree with you – Patara is always awesome! Tried it first in Bangkok, then in Geneva and London. Sure the Vienna one is great as well :)
      Thank you for stopping by!

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