Lunch @ Nahm

Nahm, Bangkok

Situated at the ground floor of the Metropolitan Hotel in Bangkok and serving authentic Thai cuisine, Nahm is the second of its kind, opened by the famous Australian chef, David Thompson, after gaining huge success at Nahm in London and earning the first ever Michelin star for a Thai restaurant.

Indoor seating

It was an elegant setting indoors, but since it was a beautiful day outside, it seemed ideal to sit at their terrace overlooking the pool.


We were welcomed by the Amuse Bouche, called Ma Hor, which was a mixture of minced pork, shrimp and peanuts on top of fresh pineapple. Sweet, sour and crunchy, upon biting, this felt like a beautiful and delicious explosion of flavors.

Ma horCrunchy pork in betel leaves

Appetizers ordered were a spicy and tangy mixture of crunchy rice, pork and sliced raw mango wrapped in betel leaves and a lemongrass salad with prawns, crispy squid and pork. I still enjoyed this in spite of not being such a big fan of Lemongrass.

Lemongrass saladCocktails

The cocktails accompanying our meal were a Mojito, Lychee Martini and a Tom-Yum-Tini, a special and unique Martini with scents and flavors of herbs you would find in a Tom Yum soup.

Next it was time to spice things up, literally. The Chicken in Red Curry was one feisty and fiery dish, and it was the highlight, so tasty and wonderful, even though it brought a few tears to our eyes.

Chicken in red curry

And then a simple dish served humbly; fried grouper in fish sauce. Plates here are nothing fancy, which I think is great because they don’t distract from the true quality and excellence of the food.

Fried grouper in fish sauceKhanom jeen nam ya

Khanom jeen nam ya (Noodles with green curry), which is well-known and a much enjoyed street food, was another example of how simple dishes are presented and prepared so excellently.

Lod chongKhanom buang

Both the desserts were traditional; a coconut milk-based Lod Chong Ruam Mit and Khanom Buang, Wafers with interesting fillings, which brought back fond childhood memories of enjoying the simpler version from street vendors, where I just couldn’t have enough!

Another section of the indoor seatingAn intriguing art piece in front of the hotel lobby

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  1. Lauren, Ephemerratic Mar 19 at 6:05 am Reply

    Wow, that looks amazing. I’d been wondering what the name of the pork/shrimp dish was, too!

    • Nita Mar 19 at 2:50 pm Reply

      Thanks Lauren! :) Did you like that dish?

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