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Since today, September the 30th is Rumi’s birthday, I thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to him by listing a collection of his great and inspiring quotes.

Born Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (better known as Rumi) in Tajikistan in the year 1207, he was a very famous and influential Persian poet. His beautiful words live on till today, and here are some of my favorite quotes by Rumi:

  • And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky.
  • Travel brings power and love back into your life.
  • Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.
  • Only from the heart can you touch the sky.
  • If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.
  • Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.
  • Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.
  • Whenever we can manage to love without expectations, calculations, negotiations, we are indeed in heaven.
  • Listen with ears of tolerance. See through the eyes of compassion. Speak with the language of love.
  • Be like the sun for grace and mercy. Be like the night to cover others’ faults. Be like running water for generosity. Be like death for rage and anger. Be like the Earth for modesty. Appear as you are. Be as you appear.
  • Whoever’s calm and sensible is insane!
  • You are not just the drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in the drop.
  • When someone is counting out gold for you, don’t look at your hands, or the gold. Look at the giver.
  • When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
  • Dancing is not just getting up painlessly, like a leaf blown on the wind; dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds.
  • You think because you understand ‘one’ you must also understand ‘two’, because one and one make two. But you must also understand ‘and’.
  • Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
  • Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?
  • Two there are who are never satisfied — the lover of the world and the lover of knowledge.
  • Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
  • Peaceful is the one who’s not concerned with having more or less. Unbound by name and fame, he is free from sorrow from the world and mostly from himself.
  • Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.

And finally, I have never been happier to quote someone so wise – “Either give me more wine or leave me alone.”

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  1. Hans Dec 7 at 3:54 pm Reply

    Wake up, our ship has been ice-bound long enough,
    the time has come to sail the open seas RUMI

    thank you for your list of quotes (-:

    • Nita Dec 8 at 11:51 am Reply

      You’re very welcome! And that’s a wonderful quote too. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Lois Barnett Dec 21 at 2:06 pm Reply

    Hafiz wrote:
    “And still, after all this time,
    The sun never says to the earth,
    “You owe Me.”

    Look what happens with
    A love like that,
    It lights the Whole Sky.”

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